$64 for 10lb All Beef Burgers!!

10lb boxes of All Beef hamburger patties for only $64!  Gluten free with no binders or additives!  2 sizes to choose from.  (38 x 4 oz patties or 25 x 6.5 oz patties).  All Beef!  Stock up now!  We also carry gluten-free hot dogs in 3 kinds.  Jumbo and regular size, both 10 lb for $54, All-beef jumbos 10 lb for $64



Tomahawk steaks are available for only $ 19.99/lb.  Cut from smaller sides of beef, our tomahawk steak selection is conveniently smaller then most to accommodate a 1 steak per person kind of get together.  Readily available frozen. Wow your friends and leave the cutlery in the cupboard because all your going to want to do is tear into this carnivorous confection of a frenched long bone prime rib steak portioned at approximately   1 1/2 lb.  Order today to reserve your piece of Awesomeness!


After choosing a standard freezer pack order to suit your needs, you can choose one of the following popular add-ons to complete your wish list and “meat” your needs

10lb All Beef Patties ( 4 or 6.5 oz) for $ 64

5 lb All Pork Sausages ( 5 flavours ) for $ 24

10 x 1 lb Lean ground beef for $ 64

10 lb Pork Loin Chops for $ 44

5 lb Smoked Bacon $ 38

and much more!!

Grilling Go-To Pack

Grilling Go -To Package

10 lb All Beef Hamburger patties

10 lb Pork Baby Back Ribs

5 lb All Pork Sausage (choice)

10 lb Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

5 lb Split Chicken Wings

40 lb for only $249

Freezer Filler package

Freezer Filler Package

10 lb Top Sirloin Steak

5 lb New york Striploin Steak

10lb Beef Rump Roast

10lb Pork Loin Chops

10lb lean Ground Beef

10lb Bone in Chicken Breast

10lb boneless Pork Loin Roast

10lb All Beef Patties

5lb  All Pork Sausage (choice)

5lb Smoked Bacon

85 lb for only $ 569


10 lb Pork Loin Medallions Special

10 lb Pork Loin Medallions for only $44!  Boneless centre cut chops cut at a generous 1 ” thick and fast frozen to provide you with availability upon request.  All the convenience and at great savings!  ( while quantities last )


wholesale Beef and Pork by the 1/2

The traditional way to buy directly from the butcher!  All cut, wrapped, and frozen to your specifications.  A great option to fill your freezer with a wide variety of cuts at a largely discounted price.  Thanks for keeping it local!

1/2 Beef:  $4.99/lb  (approximately 400 lb)

mixed 1/4 beef: $4.99/lb (approximately 200 lb)

1/2 Pork: $2.49 / lb  (approximately 110 lb)

Wholesale purchases by the half or quarter are sold on hanging rail weight and include all cutting and wrapping charges.


Boxed Specials

All Pork Sausage (5 varieties) 5 lb $24

Sirloin Steak : 10lb  $99.00

Pork Loin Chops: 10lb $44.00

Smoked Bacon: 5lb $38.00

Pork Loin Medallions: 10lb $49.00

Boss Burgers (6.5oz patty): 10lb $64.00

1/4 lb Hamburger Patties (4 oz patty): 10lb $ 64.00



Pork Back Ribs $5.99/lb!

Back Ribs priced so low to appreciate the incredible BBQing weather we have been recieving!! Enjoy the beginning of summer and throw on some meaty ribs to enjoy this beautiful weather.  Available fresh to order at our meat market location fridays and saturdays, or bundle and save at our main location.   Available while quantities last. 

10 lb Chicken Leg 1/4’s Sale

Smoking, grilling, or baking, load it up at a steal and get a great deal on Chicken leg 1/4’s. 10 lb for only $25. Conveniently packaged individually inside our 10lb box. Use one or the whole lot, guaranteed to be juicy and at the right price!!