Summer BBQ season is near!!

Briskets, burgers, steaks, roasts, sausages or even hot dogs, we got what you need to better your BBQ.  Come in and see what we got cooking for you to grill up this summer.  With great deals posted weekly, buying local proves to be the way to fill your freezer on a budget and impressing those for the weekend BBQ.  No need to pre-order, Fridays and Saturdays are the best to come on down and grab our conveniently packaged and boxed meats to keep your hungry guests at bay.  Feed 100 or simply yourself and you will all appreciate what 50 years of supporting community and local meats means to us and yourself

Spring Saver Freezer Pack

  • 10lb Pork Loin Chops
  • 10lb Chicken Leg 1/4’s
  • 10lb Ground Beef
  • 5lb Pork Sausage (choice)
  • 5lb Butter Strip Steaks
  • 10lb All Beef Patties

50Lbs  for only $219

Freezer Filler package

10 lb Top Sirloin Steak

5 lb New york Striploin Steak

10lb Beef Rump Roast

10lb Pork Loin Chops

10lb lean Ground Beef

10lb Bone in Chicken Breast

10lb boneless Pork Loin Roast

10lb All Beef Patties

5lb  All Pork Sausage (choice)

5lb Smoked Bacon

85lb now $489

Boxed Specials

All Pork Sausage (5 varieties) 5 lb $19

Sirloin Steak : 10lb  $89.00

Pork Loin Chops: 10lb $39.00

Smoked Bacon: 5lb $34.00

Pork Loin Medallions: 10lb $49.00

Boss Burgers (6.5oz patty): 10lb $49.00

1/4 lb Hamburger Patties (4 oz patty): 10lb $ 49.00



10 lb Pork Loin Medallions Special

10 lb Pork Loin Medallions for only $39!  Boneless centre cut chops cut at a generous 1 ” thick and fast frozen to provide you with availability upon request.  All the convenience and a $10 savings!  ( while quantities last )



Your choice of  either pork BABY BACK RIBS or SIDE SPARE RIBS at incredible savings.  Start the spring off right and get your grills going with these spectacular savings.  10 lb of BABY BACK RIBS for only $54 or 10 lb of SIDE SPARE RIBS for only $29!  Either way, its a deal hard to pass up.  limited to existing quantities


After choosing a standard freezer pack order to suit your needs, you can choose one of the following popular add-ons to complete your wish list and “meat” your needs

10lb All Beef Patties ( 4 or 6.5 oz) for $ 49

5 lb All Pork Sausages ( 5 flavours ) for $ 19

10 x 1 lb Lean ground beef for $ 48

10 lb Pork Loin Chops for $ 39

5 lb Smoked Bacon $ 34

and much more!!


Seeking qualified and interested individuals looking for full time employment in a fast paced environment.  Experience an extreme asset but not a requirement.  More then one position available.  Looking for a Meat cutter, Meat wrapper and a customer service representative with industry background.  Interested individuals please inquire to or simply drop off a resume at the main shop.  Pay will be determined with qualifications and yes, we work hard and fast, but we really appreciate good employees and we know that most the have worked for us in the past can attest to this.  We look forward to hearing from you

Dutch ROLLADE available for Easter!

Dutch style ROLLADE ready for Easter!  Enjoy our beef and pork spiced roast and impress your “bubble”  with this one of a kind delicacy!  Cut to order, simply inquire and we can discuss the size required and even give some good tips on cooking so.   Ranging from 2-3 lb all the way up to 10-12lb, only $7.99/lb on any size.  Call and order yours today!!



Fresh meats available at our FRESH MEAT MARKET located at 28592 Centre road in Strathroy.  Fresh beef, pork and chicken.  Open Fridays from 9-5 and Saturdays from 8-12 Check out our weekly specials!  We look forward to seeing you there! 

Covid-19 protocols in place, product limited to availability, and we ask that you adhere to social distancing.  .  Please refrain from coming more then one person per family and realize the washrooms and coffee counter will not be available.