10 lb for $29 Pork Spare Ribs!!

  Enjoy these juicy riblets either in the slowcooker or brave the cold and get out there to bbq them up.  Save over $ 1.50 /lb!! WAY CHEAPER when then they were in the summer time and fresh cut/flash frozen for the winter months.  Get your freezer full by purchasing a 10lb box for only $29!! while quantities last


5 lb Chicken Wings for only $27

Individually quick frozen chicken wings finally on sale!  Split wings with no tips, 5 lb bags ready to go to feed the frenzy for only $ 27!   Versatile and convenient to use some or all at once, its your choice to make.  Juicy and jumbo, they will never disappoint.  Don’t hesitate today, because tommorrow they might be gone!!  (while quantities last, but yes we have lots!)

Premium Sirloin Roast Special @ $7.99/lb!

Warm up with our roast beef special this week!  Regular $8.99/lb, on sale for only $ 7.99 /lb!  Premium Quality offered at a purchase price, averaging 3-5 lb, these deals are readily available in our display freezers all week long.  Thanks for keeping it local!!

Chicken Drumettes!!

Now carrying 5 lb boxes of juicy and portioned chicken fryer drumettes.  Nice and small to pull off roasting, but large enough to fool the wing connasuier.  Great for the smoker or even deep-frying to entertain all your sports fans finger foods.  Regular priced at $ 19 per box currently on sale for $ 15!


wholesale Beef and Pork by the 1/2

The traditional way to buy directly from the butcher!  All cut, wrapped, and frozen to your specifications.  A great option to fill your freezer with a wide variety of cuts at a largely discounted price.  Thanks for keeping it local!

1/2 Beef:  $5.29/lb  (approximately 400 lb)

mixed 1/4 beef: $5.29/lb (approximately 200 lb)

1/2 Pork: $2.49 / lb  (approximately 110 lb)

Wholesale purchases by the half or quarter are sold on hanging rail weight and include all cutting and wrapping charges.



Beef Rump Roast $7.49/lb

Our rump roast special is a sure thing to fill your freezer at a low cost.  Cut and trimmed from only the best beef outside round.  Save and get whichever size suits your family needs. Ready to go, conveniently sized to suit most needs and flash frozen, grab while you can and impress the unimpressionable!!


PORK TENDERLOIN 5 lb for $29

If your bbq’ing, stirfrying, slow-cooking or even panfrying, take a hold of our savings on PORK TENDERLOIN at only $29 for 5 lb box!! This versatile cut of pork is amoungst the best and offers many different options when coming up for new and exciting ways to serve up some great eats.  Regularly 6.99lb, we want to offer the best of the best at the best price.  Our pork tenderloin are individually packaged inside a 5 lb box to give you the option to use it all at once or once at a time.  Put Pork on your fork and save while you savor the best pork cuts around!!  Dress it up in bacon, stuff it with vegtables or bbqing it plain, you won’t be disappointed and neither will your wallet!


5 lb for $35 on Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

These succulent delights are moving quick and at a fantastic price of of only $6.99/lb. Come in today and grab your 5 lb box for $35 giving you a great savings of almost a buck a pound savings. Individually packaged and boxed flash frozen, they are ready to satisfy!!

Christmas and New Years hours.

To observe Christmas and New Years holidays, we will be closed for

Monday December 25 and

Tuesday December 26, 2023

as well as Monday January 1st, 2024.

   We appreciate you patronage and understanding for letting us take a well deserved holiday with our families.



$35 Smoked Pork Loin Chop Sale!!

Always a great seller!  Come in and grab our 5lb boxes Smoked Pork Loin Chops, ready to go in a hurry, for only $35! Convenient and individually bagged, why not stop in and try something really easy to cook at a great deal.   Only while they last!!!