Save big bucks on the most useful and versatile protein option out there.  Conveiniently packaged in 1 lb bricks, our ground beef is up for grabs at $0.50/lb off!!  Load your freezers up while the price is low and stable because who knows what kind of trade wars are going to happen next!!

LEAN GROUND BEEF $ 3.99/LB     (regularly $ 4.49/lb )

 REGULAR GROUND BEEF $ 2.99/LB    (regularly $ 3.49/lb)


Keeping current with the seasonal markets, we have adjusted the prices to a majority of our boxed good to offer the best possible option on the best possible beef out there to you, our customers. You will notice a significant change in our boxed steak section as well as a few new options and ideas in our roast availability.  This combined, the options are good, the prices are great and the quality is amazing.  Stop on in and see whats new and exciting.  Monday to Wednesday 8-5, closed thursdays, friday 8-5, and saturday from 7 30-12 noon.  We hope to see you soon!

Freezer Packages to suit your needs

Choose from a selection of our boxed goods or group and save when looking to fill your freezer in a one stop shop.  Our Freezer Filler packages offer a great savings when buying in bulk and satisfy the need to get lots for less.  While merely a guideline, use our packages to get a gauge of what you require and if substitutes are required, don’t be afraid to ask.  We are here to help, as your local supplier, we want your freezer full of the options you need, at the price you want, and at the quality you deserve.  Call today or inquire online, we are here to help you with all your family freezer filling needs.  The more you buy, the more you SAVE!



Choose between Mild and Hot, we now carry an option for those on the go.  Delicious either way you take it, these pepperettes are an ideal way to satisfy your meat crave.  Conveniently packed in 330 gram bags (approx. 13-16 pc)  for only $10, grab yours before they are gone!


Rump Roast 4.99/lb

With holidays around the corner and celebrations in full swing, our rump roast special is a sure thing to fill your freezer at a low cost.  Save $0.50/lb and get whichever size suits your family needs.  Fresh cut to your specifications, we can suit your needs.  Ready to go, conveniently sized to suit most needs and flash frozen, grab while you can and impress the unimpressionable!!